Thought Cops

Case File 127 with Nicky Martin

August 6, 2019

Livin' la vida- just kidding. Welcome back to Thought Cops- where the hits. Just. Keep. Coming. That's right. This week we've got Nicky Martin in "da" house. Nicky has been the host of Chicago Underground Comedy for several years and we are seeing him off before he moves to Los Angeles to be near The Industry.

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Field Notes

We guested on the podcast Filler Content this week hosted by our good friends Hard Men Working Hard. Listen to find out what horrible thing Lakembra did.

People are mad that you need a "Bethesda account" to play the 1993 classic 'Doom' on the Nintendo Switch. But just kidding- that was apparently some kind of practical joke! Speaking of: Steve-O's twitter account got hacked to say very bad words. Cue Steve-O throwing up sound effect. Parody cartoons are mean no matter what, and we play some wild n' crazy listener voicemails!

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